Meeting are held weekly on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. We will continue our lectures on the Origins of the Human Mind, and discuss The Book of Reality: The Neuroscience of the Teachings of Jesus.

Date                            Topic                                                          Place   

July 4, 2017          Vacation  - Independence Day                          Auditorium
July 11, 2017        Discussion of Bipolar case study                         MH-1
July 18, 2017      The Future of the Human Mind                            Auditorium                          
July 25, 2017       Discussion of The Origins of the Human Mind    MH-1                                                
August 1, 2017          Satantango ?                                                 Auditorium
August 8, 2017         TBA                                                                MH-1

Please call (330) 489-1495 for further information