Meeting are held weekly on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. We will continue our quest to understand the mind, and discuss The Philosophy and the Intelligence of Emotions.

Date                            Topic                                                          Place   

January 30, 2018       Nastier Resentment and Vengeance                         Auditorium
February 6, 2018         Open Discussion                                                       Auditorium                        

February 13, 2018      A Death in the Family, the Logic of Grief                   Auditorium                        
February 20, 2018       Hans Sely, His Life and the Discovery of Stress        Auditorium

February 27, 2018       William James and the Bear, Emotions and Feeling   Auditorium
 March 6, 2018        Why do people do bad things / What is the magic ingredient of Talking to Crazy  Auditorium

Please call (330) 489-1495 for further information